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Tony Greig commendatory. Vintage Cricket

The bottomless mind welcomes you all to our other blog where we have talked about the 5 best cricket Commentators of all time and what makes them the best of all.

The Game of cricket is like tasteless food without commentary. The commentary adds Flavor to it and makes cricket more Interesting. Commentators provide each and every detail related to the match during the live TV broadcast. Over the years, we have seen changes in cricket broadcasting as technology Evolved. Likewise, Cricket commentary has changed a lot. However, Some Commentators have made an impact on world cricket. Here are our top 10 Cricket commentators: –

Tony Grieg is known for his bold and exciting Commentary. He was one of the finest Cricketers during the 70s and was known for his Aggressive and bold nature. His Commentary career began somewhere in the 80s. if you watch any of the 80s or 90s cricket videos, you will more likely to hear tony Grieg’s commentary. Tony would make a boring live Telecast with the help of his sensational Commentary. Unfortunately, tony is no longer with us anymore, he died in December 2012 from skin cancer. However, he will be missed by all the cricket fans for ages.

If you call yourself a true cricket fan then you must have heard the name of Harsha whole. The man who started his career in radio and later came into Television. He has covered Hundreds of cricket matches so far. The way Harsha explains things makes the cricket broadcast more engaging for viewers. He has been in cricket Broadcasting since the 90s and has maintained the standard of Cricket Commendatory that he used to do earlier.

Michael slater is an Australian cricket commentator and TV Presenter who is known for his Aggressive cricket commentary. He is very popular. He has worked with Channel 7, Channel 9, and fox sports. Slater began his Commentary career after getting retired from International cricket. due to his bold statements, he has been in Several Controversies in the past.

Sanjay Manjrekar is a Former Indian cricketer, Cricket Commentator, and TV Presenter known for his outspoken nature. He was one of the finest cricketers for team India and was considered Technically strong. He started his Commentary career somewhere in early 2000. his precise Commentary and knowledge of the game are what make him one of the best cricket Commentators of all time. Although, he has been found in Controversy in the past for making controversial comments during a live cricket match that’s why has was Criticized by fans. Either way, we still love his commentary.

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