Is Test cricket heading towards its end? Vintage and classic Cricket


Is Test cricket heading towards its end? Vintage and classic Cricket

Once upon a time, Cricket used to be gentle men’s game. It was the golden era of international test cricket. But nowadays it’s heading towards its end. People are not watching test cricket. It all started in 2006 when t20 cricket came into existence. People started watching T20 cricket and the craze for test cricket started getting faded away over time. Test cricket is the only format of cricket that tests the actual potential of the players that’s why it’s called test cricket. Because Players have to be tough and active on all 5 days of the match. It challenges the physical and mental abilities of players.

Due to the rise of ODI and t20 cricket, it is going into the darkness. Especially IPL is the major reason behind it. IPL was introduced in 2008 the main goal of the IPL was to entertain people in a short period and to make millions of money through advertising. And indeed it became a huge success as most people started watching IPL. An average T20 match takes 3.30 hours to complete, and this was one of the reasons why it became so popular. Everyone loves the sixes all over the place. In a way, IPL is making a lot of money and entertaining more people but it is also ruining the actual classic nature of cricket.
But if I talk about test cricket, then there is no doubt that it’s the best format of the game. I still remember those golden days when we used to watch and love it. England and Australia both countries are organizing The Ashes test series every 2 years since 1982 and people watch it from all over the world. As cricket lovers, we should also support test cricket, so that we can save the original format of the game. Otherwise, T20 Cricket will replace it completely. In 2018 former cricket Brandon McCullum predicted that test cricket won’t survive due to the evolution of T20 cricket. We have mentioned below what he said:-
However, McCullum was not the only one who predicted the fall of test cricket, many cricket experts have also predicted that test cricket may end within a decade.
To promote test cricket, ICC has already initiated The World Cricket Championship. Where the winning team will be the champion in test cricket. The final match will be played between India and New Zealand on June 18, 2021. People are crazy about this match. It clearly shows that test cricket has gained its lost reputation and popularity once again. I think ICC should start such tournaments to support the best format of the game. ICC has decided to schedule the World Test Championship every 2 years so that people would stay connected with test cricket.

Latest Update: Finally The World Test Championship has given us a new world test champion. New Zealand won this series by becoming the world’s first test championship winner, while the Indian team was runner-up. A few days were washed out by heavy rain and storm however on day 6 (reserve day ), the New Zeland team came back into the game and stopped Indian innings on 138 runs. And New Zealand won the game easily.
Many cricket experts stated that The World Test Championship has finally promoted test cricket once again. Everyone enjoyed it a lot during this tough time.
Conclusion: In this blog, we have seen, how test cricket was heading towards its end. We have also seen the rise of T20 cricket and how it affected test cricket. And the great initiative of ICC, Cricket Australia, and ECB, to organize The Ashes and The World Test Championship. Again test cricket is re-gaining its lost popularity.
Thanks for reading this article what do you think guys, Is Test cricket heading towards its end or not? Do comment and share this post with more and more people

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